Artist- E.R. Jess @erjess_illustrator

Title – Can’t Snuff Out Mr. Candle

Medium- Digital Illustration

Size- 24”x24”


Artist- Eduardo Smet @eduardosmet

Title- This Used To Be a Figure Painting

Medium- Mixed media on Wood board

Size- 24”x36”

Year- 2017-2020



Artist- Chad Turner @chadturnerartwork

Title- Western Sandpiper & Dunlins

Medium- Oil on linen

Size- 24”x12”

Year- 2020


Artist- Anayansi Jones @anayansi_artworks

Title- Death Moth

Medium- Ceramic, bmix clay

Size- 4”

Year- 2020



Artist- Billy @theartistbilly

Title- Sparkle

Medium- Digital

Year- 2020


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Curated by Jean-Claude Rasch 

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