Magritte & Dali

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL. Through May 19, 2019 As an art movement, Surrealism can be challenging to appreciate, even for the seasoned museum-goer. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, and making his work more accessible to the public. By adding works by René Magritte, the [...]

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Yayoi Kusama: Exploring Infinity

As you wind through the softly shimmering, prismatic, psychedelic caverns, your perception of ordinary reality melts away into a polka-dotted realm of infinite consciousness and effervescent love. This, at least, is the intended effect of celebrated Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, 89, and her famed Infinity Rooms. Like many artists, Kusama discovered an affinity for a particular archetype and has remained [...]

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