ArtScene Press: Instagram Art Show 6-10

Artist- Brian Weston @soulserenityphotography Title - Vista Medium- Photography Size- NA Year - 2018 #orlandoflorida Artist- Jordan Carl Jones @marriedwithoutchildren Title- Moon in the man Medium- Mix media on canvas Size- 18"x24" Year- 2019 #orlandoflorida Artist- JAABPHOTOGRAPHY @jaabphotography Title- The man and his toy Medium- Photography Size- 8"x10" #Orlandoflorida Artist- Heather Nagy @heather.nagy Title- [...]

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ArtScene Press: Instagram Art Show 1-5

Artist- E.R. Jess @erjess_illustrator Title - Can’t Snuff Out Mr. Candle Medium- Digital Illustration Size- 24”x24” #orlandoflorida Artist- Eduardo Smet @eduardosmet Title- This Used To Be a Figure Painting Medium- Mixed media on Wood board Size- 24”x36” Year- 2017-2020 #orlandoflorida   Artist- Chad Turner @chadturnerartwork Title- Western Sandpiper & Dunlins Medium- Oil on linen Size- [...]

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Winifred Johnson Clive: An Artist at Home and Abroad

Orlando Museum of Art Through May 30, 2019 The phrase “surrealist landscape painting” might conjure images of Salvador Dali’s fantastic vistas complete with melting timepieces and architectural ruins. Of course, Surrealism isn’t limited to Dali and his clocks. Winifred Johnson Clive painted her vision of surreal landscapes by infusing the ordinary with a hint of magic and mystery. Winifred [...]

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Louis Dewis: A Belgian Post-Impressionist

Orlando Museum of Art Through May 5, 2019   Louis Dewis: A Belgian Post-Impressionist, currently on view at the Orlando Museum of Art, is more than an exhibition featuring the art of a lesser-known early 20th century painter, it’s a celebration of the life of a true artist. Dewis was clearly inspired by the great artist of the late [...]

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Puerto Rico: The Post-Disaster Art Scene

As most people know through news coverage if not personal connections, Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico virtually in shambles last September, and restoring and rebuilding has been slow going, at best. Residents continue to face many difficulties, not least of which are life’s basics: electricity; food, water and other goods; safe housing; and jobs. Many left the island for [...]

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Oh Snap! What happened to the mural?

Cultural landmarks come and go, and unfortunately, in the last few months Orlando has lost one of its own. Anyone who has driven on Mills Avenue just north of Colonial Drive couldn’t help but notice the five-story-high mural on the building alongside Snap! Orlando. An image of a melting cartoon figure with gloves, reminiscent of a certain mouse. It [...]

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Timucua Arts Foundation “Living Room” Concerts

When you think about music venues in and around Orlando, there’s no shortage. But how many of those venues offer the most intimate performances of a wide variety of music? Very few. At the top of that list: the Timucua Arts Foundation concert space known as the Timucua White House. This unique venue, built within a private home, offers [...]

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Snap! Downtown Summer/Fall Exhibition: Surroundings and Florida Showcase 2018

Snap! Downtown’s Summer/Fall Exhibition features two shows: Surroundings and Florida Showcase 2018. Surroundings presents the photographic works of Lauren Mitchell, James Hand and Jacob Bailes. Florida Showcase 2018 is a juried exhibit of art and photography by local artists, submitted through Snap’s call for entries. Surroundings is an atmospheric, exploratory and almost otherworldly display. Placed on [...]

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Yayoi Kusama: Exploring Infinity

As you wind through the softly shimmering, prismatic, psychedelic caverns, your perception of ordinary reality melts away into a polka-dotted realm of infinite consciousness and effervescent love. This, at least, is the intended effect of celebrated Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, 89, and her famed Infinity Rooms. Like many artists, Kusama discovered an affinity for a particular archetype and has remained [...]

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