ArtScene Press: Instagram Art Show 6-10

Artist- Brian Weston @soulserenityphotography Title - Vista Medium- Photography Size- NA Year - 2018 #orlandoflorida Artist- Jordan Carl Jones @marriedwithoutchildren Title- Moon in the man Medium- Mix media on canvas Size- 18"x24" Year- 2019 #orlandoflorida Artist- JAABPHOTOGRAPHY @jaabphotography Title- The man and his toy Medium- Photography Size- 8"x10" #Orlandoflorida Artist- Heather Nagy @heather.nagy Title- [...]

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ArtScene Press: Instagram Art Show 1-5

Artist- E.R. Jess @erjess_illustrator Title - Can’t Snuff Out Mr. Candle Medium- Digital Illustration Size- 24”x24” #orlandoflorida Artist- Eduardo Smet @eduardosmet Title- This Used To Be a Figure Painting Medium- Mixed media on Wood board Size- 24”x36” Year- 2017-2020 #orlandoflorida   Artist- Chad Turner @chadturnerartwork Title- Western Sandpiper & Dunlins Medium- Oil on linen Size- [...]

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Winifred Johnson Clive: An Artist at Home and Abroad

Orlando Museum of Art Through May 30, 2019 The phrase “surrealist landscape painting” might conjure images of Salvador Dali’s fantastic vistas complete with melting timepieces and architectural ruins. Of course, Surrealism isn’t limited to Dali and his clocks. Winifred Johnson Clive painted her vision of surreal landscapes by infusing the ordinary with a hint of magic and mystery. Winifred [...]

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Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts – All That Jazz & More

Counting the music venues in metro Orlando that offer great performances six nights a week isn’t difficult—and it’s certainly fortunate for local lovers of jazz and more. Now add award-winning musicians, and that list of venues narrows. One of the venues on that short list is the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts in Winter Park, which offers exactly [...]

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Will’s Pub Dive In for a Good Time

Orlando has many notable venues, ones you must make a point to visit. But only one continuously brings the best indie music and events, and that’s Will’s Pub. This well-loved dive bar in the Mills 50 district has been serving Orlando since 1995 with not just brews and booze but the best in audio and visual music. Will’s set [...]

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Southeast x Southeast – Southeast Museum of Photography Through October 27, 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Central Florida have a few things in common. Both are tourist destinations with lush subtropical climates. And both desire international recognition as art centers. One big difference: Thailand has had the largest number of political coup attempts in the world, making it one of the least stable governments and a difficult place to define a [...]

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A New Home for CityArts Factory

Downtown Arts District, a City of Orlando agency, makes art accessible throughout the city and perhaps most notably at CityArts Factory at Orange Ave. and Pine St. for the past 12 years. The district’s mission lives on—but starting in January, it will live in its new home: a vintage building two blocks up the street. The new location is [...]

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Yayoi Kusama: Exploring Infinity

As you wind through the softly shimmering, prismatic, psychedelic caverns, your perception of ordinary reality melts away into a polka-dotted realm of infinite consciousness and effervescent love. This, at least, is the intended effect of celebrated Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, 89, and her famed Infinity Rooms. Like many artists, Kusama discovered an affinity for a particular archetype and has remained [...]

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